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Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you want to find better ways to be yourself, understand your past, and live your life? Perhaps the past few years have brought losses and grief. Counselling offers you a safe, confidential space to explore your challenges and relationships. Being truly heard by an empathetic counsellor who is unconnected to your daily life can help start a process of deep healing.

I offer online counselling to UK residents 18 and older. My approach is psychodynamic. This means I’m attentive to how your past may be influencing your present outlook and relationships. Your life and inner world is unique to you, and I seek to listen without any assumptions. My wish is to help you value your uniqueness. You can click on “About” for more information on how I work.

Christine Laennec


Looking for a counsellor can be daunting. It’s essential that you feel comfortable when beginning to work with a therapist. I’m happy to have a chat to explore working together.

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Sessions and cost

Sessions are usually weekly at the same time and day. They last an hour and are conducted by video or phone. I also offer therapy by writing.

I charge £45 per hour. I also offer some concessionary and donation rates; please enquire.

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Professional affiliations

I am an Registered Member of BACP and a Level 2 Member of ACTO; I adhere to their ethical frameworks. I am insured by Towergate Insurance.

“Christine has helped me understand myself better and she has helped me to love and respect myself better too. The counselling has an incredible impact on all areas of my life, helping me to become more centred, more stable, more confident and more myself.”

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Christine Laennec

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